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1. Log in to the Wiki with your wiki id/password

2. Select the correct Examples category page such as Cocktail Cabinets

3. Click the Edit tab

4. Following the example of the existing entries, add your build to the list (in correct alphabetical order) using distinctive image and build filenames

* [[Image:Image Filename.jpg|128px]] [[Your Build Filename]]

5. When you save the page, the image and build links for your new entry should be red (broken links) like below -- if not, an image/page by that name already exists

  • 128px Your Build Filename

6. Click on the red 128px link to upload an image from your hard drive

7. Click on the red link to Your Build Filename to create the page

8. Use one of the other build pages from the same category as a template for your build page contents

More help on editing the Wiki is found here:

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