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How to dismantle a piece of equipment with a ticking clock on it

If you find a piece of equipment with a large digital clock displayed on it, and the clock counts down towards zero, you might be in trouble. You can try to dismantle it in order to save mankind. If you do this correctly you might be rewarded.

Find the right wires

You will notice wires on the piece of equipment. Wires usually are colour coded. Your best bet is to cut one of the wires. See the list below:

  • Red, Green wires: cut the red wire. Try not to touch the green wire.
  • Red, Blue wires: again, the red wire is your best bet.
  • Geen, blue wires: This one is tricky, try to measure visually the thickest wire. Cut the thickest wire. If both wires are equally thick, cut them both at exactly the same time.
  • Other colours. Good luck. Cutting the right wire makes you a hero.

This Wikipage explains how to modify or connect electric equipment. Build Your Own Arcade Controls Wiki recommends reading the manuals of the tools and equipment you are using.

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