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Turun Puujaloste, a company with over 40 years of woodworking expertise, offers a classic, professionally manufactured CNC machined upright MDF cabinet kit for sale. We are located in Turku, Finland

At the moment, one model with 2 different options is available:
- unassembled, unpainted cabinet kit (460 euros)
- assembled, unpainted cabinet kit (520 euros)
Painting of the assembled cabinet is possible in our shop.

The customer has to manage shipping by themselves; we are happy to pack a kit ready for dispatch for you.

For more infos, please email puujaloste at puujaloste.com or raitsa at gmail.com or check the following sites:

Construction pictures
Discussion & additional infos in english
Turun Puujaloste

Black-cabinet.jpg Cabinet-in-CNC.jpg Cabinet-parts-CNC.jpg