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This page is simply a placeholder and the information copied into here is inaccurate thus far. I didn't put a cleanup tag on here because it's just for demonstration purposes thus far.

TouchTone Screenshot
  • OS: Windows
  • Cost: Shareware ($24.95)
  • Skinnable: Basic (backgrounds can been colored, not changeable)
  • Re-mappable keys: No?
  • Monitor orientation(s): Vertical + Dualscreen suppport.
  • Screen resolution(s): Best under 1024x768
  • Controller(s): Touchscreen and mouse support.
  • Supported media format(s): mp4 ogg wma wav m3a ape cda video
  • Format Orientation(s): Album-oriented
  • Additional Requirements: Winamp or Windows Media Player may required
  • Homepage: TouchTone
  • Additional Details:
TouchTone Audio System is one of the few mp3 programs specifically designed to transform your PC into a modern jukebox.
And when we mean modern, we mean it. With it's large buttons, wide scroll bars, on-screen 'song search' keyboard, and resizable text, TouchTone's layout is designed for use with a touch screen monitor or touch screen add-on kit. (see "5 steps to creating a touch screen mp3 jukebox")
However, even if you have no plans to use a touch screen, TouchTone has a long list of unique features that make it one of the best mp3 players available. It's a lot more than just a tiny window that sits in the corner of your screen. ...And best of all it's "look" is completely customizable to suit your taste.
Use the links to the right to learn more about TouchTone Audio System and to download a completely free trial. We guarantee you will be happy you did.
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