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"Custom coin-op reproductions and fabrications. ALL our products are professionally SILK-SCREEN PRINTED in-house with the best materials and inks and are reproduced using only original parts to insure the best possible match and fit."

Looks to be a newcomer in the arcade-repro field. Produces and sells Cabinet art, stencil sets, bezels and CPO's (even anodized aluminium one's for Space Invaders and Gorf !). The big difference with others is that they use real silk screening, no inkjet printing. Also special items like the Space Invader "moon" and coin inserts and inserts for Gorf and Tron joysticks.

Another item of special interest are the Cabinet backs for several games, made to original specs 3/4" Particle Board and Ready to install. They include vent grills, key & locks.This can be handy since many backs of cabinets are missing or completely worn-out.

It looks like they're still extending the catalogue of producsts. If your looking for something special drop them a mail for a quote. This vendor looks very promissing. Speedy and extensive answers to my questions so far by e-mail.

(thanks to SFRASCELLA for pointing me to this site !)