The JukeBox'er

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This page is simply a placeholder and the information copied into here is inaccurate thus far. I didn't put a cleanup tag on here because it's just for demonstration purposes thus far.

The JukeBox'er Screenshot
  • OS: Operating System(s) would go here.
  • Cost: Type of "ware" would go here, and commercial would denote the price(s).
  • Skinnable: Partial, basic, or full, with description would go here.
  • Re-mappable keys: yes or no goes here
  • Monitor orientation(s): Vertical or Horizontal would go here.
  • Screen resolution(s): "Best under" and other supported resolutions would go here.
  • Controller(s): Touchscreen supported, keyboard, joystick, mouse, etc would go here.
  • Supported media format(s): mp3, Ogg, avi, etc would go here.
  • Format Orientation(s): Album-oriented or singles oriented would go here - list karaoke or video modes in the description
  • Additional Requirements: Additional .dll's, runtimes, etc would go here.
  • Homepage:
  • Additional Details:
Here is were any other information such as "created by", "designed for cabinets running MAMEWah", "Has an HTPC-themed interface" and so forth would go. Support for different resolutions should be denoted in the "Resolution" bullet point. Anything considered "special", such as karaoke usage, output of video to the monitor, etc, would fall into the description and be used to flesh it out to avoid cluttering the other bullet points.
 Visit the list of Jukebox software.