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I'm not sure this Wiki is the right place for this article. I assume the info is meant for Jukebox cabinets, however encouraging people to rip CDs might not be legal. Opinions? Felsir 14:17, 8 March 2006 (EST)

I don't think "legality" is an issue here - creating mp3's of you CD's is completely legal if you own them. Its also a required process if you own an Ipod or similar.
However, I'm not sure this is the best place either. I appreciate the link to jukeboxes (I am building one myself) but there are so many of these guides already availble I feel a summary and a link would be better. Also because there are many ways to skin a cat, and people are not always in agreement. Silver
Yeah, I wasn't sure if the legality really is an issue here, but the article 'feels' out of place to me. If others agree I would make this a candidate for deletion. Felsir 15:02, 8 March 2006 (EST)

Well, I know where I took the sources from, and I'd guess just because it's not all from one place, and modified by myself, it's still parts of a copyrighted work.

I think perhaps just a link to the BYOAC page, if anything.

If it's decided that this should be here, I'd have no problems redoing it myself, since there's some things I'd like to add/change/fix/etc. --DrewKaree

Personally, I see no reason to take this off. CD Ripping is legitimate, though like anything COULD be made illegitimate. So can a baseball bat. --mahuti 21:43, 8 March 2006 (EST)

I'm OK with this being here. I do not want warez links however. saint 22:06, 8 March 2006 (EST)

Well fine if it stays - but I actually think some of the of the info in it is a bit out of date. I am aware of the reasons for recommending the old version of "Exact Audio Copy 0.9 beta 4" over much newer releases (although I've never had issues with the latest versions). However, recommending Lame 3.90.3 stable bundle is probably an attempt to hark back the the "custom DibRom tweaked" version of lame 3.90.3 that was recommended as the 'best' by the folks over at HydrogenAudio. However, the recommended version of lame is now 3.97 beta 2. You can find the most extensive blind ABX tests ever conducted over at HydrogenAudio - these guys take audio encoding *seriously*. NB You would also need to update the settings used by lame as the command line changed a few versions back. All the latest and greatest settings can be found here at HydrogenAudio. --Silver 10:49, 9 March 2006 (EST)

I'll fiddle with this shortly if someone hasn't already. I tend to look at the "Recent Changes" and read from where I last left off to present, so if this has been changed already, disregard this. I'll try to scope out the newest changes so it's up-to-date, but I may just start with the quick and dirty rewrite of the old one. --DrewKaree


Okay, all the HTML should be removed now, and I've cleaned it up and there should be no copyright issues with this whatsoever now.


Nice job on cleaning it up - looks great. I'd still recommend that you stick a link to the Hydrogenaudio thread I linked in the above comment on the Lame encoding bit - version 3.90.3 has been significantly superseeded by later versions which give equivalent or superior quality and a huge encoding speed increase - they specifically recommend it over version 3.90.3. --Silver 17:29, 12 March 2006 (EST)

Yeah, eventually I'll get that far. I just wanted to clean this up, and I've gotta walk through HA's info and suss out what needs to be added. You're correct that when this was initially done, DiBrom's version was the one to use. The different syntax for switches and specifically nailing down which version of LAME they will recommend (a cursory look appears as if there's 2, 1 stable, and 1 beta that they seem to be sorting through as well) is what I'm gonna sort through.

This was a compilation of 3 different "recommendations" and I just wrote it up to kinda "idiot proof" the process for folks who didn't have a clue, and I've just been modifying the BYOAC writeup as time goes on and folks point out different things, so I'll have to modify that as well.

Since everything's sorted out, HTML removed, and layout more or less fleshed out, I'm thinking this no longer needs the {cleanup} tag and everyone else can have at it. If anything, the sticky in the audio/jukebox/mp3 form can serve as a fallback, so everyone, have at it


Well, I added a link to Hydrogen Audio so that if someone is so inclined, they can further delve into this process if they so desire. I think it's a better idea to leave a basic guide, since we're not as geared towards perfection in audio (such as Hydrogen Audio is), rather, we just need an easy solution to getting our music onto our PC's to use with our Jukebox cabs.

I think anyone aware of or concerned with obtaining better fidelity from their music won't be coming here to an arcade controls site to gain what knowledge they have, so having a simple writeup such as this is fine. Adding or changing things as they are proven to be better is fine, but the goal of this originally was to make it as easy as possible and to not give a whole lot of reasons behind some of the choices, just to make them for folks who didn't have a clue nor care to get into why they were being made.

As stated, just change whatever is needed, but try to keep in mind the original intent (to "idiot-proof" the process of ripping) when making those changes.

I also removed the cleanup tag. Not sure if I did it right - I just deleted it from the page - so if there's more to it than that, I'd appreciate someone letting me know what steps I have to take to ensure the cleanup tag is removed altogether.

Drewkaree 08:58, 13 March 2006 (EST)