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Their own description: " Strattman Design creates distinctive kinetic displays and art works that beautifully complement home and business interiors, nightclubs, museums and theatrical settings. Our media are glass, light and energy.

Wayne Strattman unites artistry and technology in his Boston studio to create designs that find appreciative audiences from Hollywood to Vienna, Rio de Janeiro to Las Vegas, and just about everywhere in between.

From the bottled-lightning fascination of plasma our unique and exciting flagship product, Luminglas™, works by Strattman Design do more than simply draw attention or stimulate conversation...they generate excitement.

An engineer and a physicist by training, Wayne also applies his considerable skills to developing innovative practical applications for the technologies developed in his art, as both an independent developer and as a consultant to other developers."

Luminglas is a Flat plasma display, much like a plasma globe, just in 2 dimensions. It can be used as a decorative accent on an Arcade cabinet. Strattman deisgns can make panels in custom shapes, including laser-cut letters etc. The Displays are not extremely cheap, but do produce a memorable effect.

See the following for examples of Arcade projects using Luminglass Cosmicade

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