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The Star Wars Cockpit (SWC) cabinet is the Holy Grail of many collectors. Recently several threads have sprung up on the forum in an attempt to document and produce plans of the cabinet. This wiki page aims to condense all the information from those threads into one central place.

Current Progress

Although Hoopstar has gotten a little sidetracked making babies, he's still hoping to get his project finished and share final dimensions with everyone.

What's Happened?

  • A few threads popped up mentioning the SWC and all of a sudden everyone had to build one.
  • Rovingmind began piecing together CAD dawings.
  • Modesitt got hold of a SWC cabinet for a little while and posted detailed dimensions.
  • Hoopstar began an awesome scratch-built SWC using Modesitt's and his own measurements as reference.

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