Smack's Mega-Super-Heinie MAME Cab

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  • Project Type: Upright Arcade Cabinet
  • Construction Method: Converted
  • Monitor Type: Arcade Monitor
  • Interface Type: Keyboard Encoder (Hagstom KE24)
  • Special Controls: Mouse hack, Spinner, Trackball
  • OS: Windows
  • Homepage:

Additional Details

An old cab outfitted to play MAME, Visual Pinball, multiple console emulators, Dragon's Lair, and Golden Tee PC golf on it. My cab is connected via my LAN to the internet to enable me to log into the Golden Tee server to play online. 1 control panel consisting of 2 8-ways, 1 4-way, Happs trackball, and a spinner. Some downloads of use to MAMEers.


File:Smack's Mega-Super-Heinie MAME Cab.jpg

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