SlikStik Mame Machine 2004

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  • Project Type: Upright Arcade Cabinet
  • Construction Method: Scratchbuilt
  • Monitor Type: Arcade Monitor
  • Interface Type: Keyboard Encoder (Ultimarc IPAC-2)
  • Special Controls: Spinner, Trackball
  • OS: Windows
  • Homepage:

Additional Details

A Mame machine using SlikStik's 27" arcade cabinet and pure Mame branding. Uses an Ultimarc ArcadeVGA video card with a WG D9200 tri-sync 27" arcade monitor. Also uses Ultimarc's IPAC-2 keyboard encoder to interface with controls. Currently runs Mame version .94 with latest version of MameWah.


File:SlikStik Mame Machine 2004.jpg

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