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SKG Jukebox - Normal mode
SKG Jukebox - Netbook mode
  • OS: Windows, Linux
  • Cost: Free and Open Source
  • Skinnable: No. Perhaps in a future update.
  • Re-mappable keys: Yes
  • Monitor orientation(s): Horizontal
  • Screen resolution(s): 800 x 600 up to 1920 x 1080. Optimized for both regular and widescreen resolutions.
  • Main Control(s): Keyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
  • Supported media format(s): mp3, ogg, flac
  • Format Orientation(s): Album
  • Homepage:
  • Additional Details:

The SKG Jukebox is both an homage to, and an improvement on, the immensely popular SK Jukebox. It was developed by The Skeptical Geek, and released in February 2011. It is an album level jukebox, with many advanced features.

  • Touchscreen friendly UI.
  • Custom Album Lists. Display only a certain subset of albums in your collection. Perfect for families where everyone has different tastes.
  • Create playlists, and play them in any order, or randomly.
  • Track Search Function
  • Integrated Album Art Download Functionality
  • Integrated CD Ripper

The SKG Jukebox is one of the few album level jukeboxes available in both Windows and Linux versions. It is also one of the few fully open source jukeboxes, with the source code available for download on the website, for any developers who want to experiment with it.

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