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How about adding individual games?

Adding a ROM from the All ROMs window to your list. Just right click

Perhaps there's a game you're thinking of that didn't show up in your query. You could adapt your -find query to include it, or a simpler method is to click on the "list all ROMs" from the main romlister window and it will generate a complete list of all the known games. From that list, just right-click on any game(s) you want in your list and select "add to your list" and it will throw that ROM over to your working list. Couldn't be easier!
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How about an ALL games list?

This breaks the spirit of ROMLister, but if you really, absolutely, must have a list of all the games that MAME supports in your list, there are 2 ways to do it:

1) press the "list all ROMs" in the main romlister window.
2) after that list is generated, select them all
3) right click and pick "add to your list"
4) now in the working list window, you can export this overbloated list to your front end of choice.

The other way, is to change the text in the -find window on the main RL interface to only be "=" and press GO!
The equals sign is something that shows up in every game's XML data, so therefore, every single game will show up in your search query, so every game will show up in your list. Sneaky.

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