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Comma Separated Values lists are created through the normal output types from the dropdown selection menu from your working list.

After providing an output filename, a popup dialog will appear with a number of checkboxes for the various items you can add to your CSV file. At this time there is no header information, or ability to re-order the fields to your liking, but here's a list of items as ROMLister pulls them out of the XML data:

// Generic information
Name (user friendly)
ROM Name (8 characters)
number of buttons

// video information
Video Width
Video Height
Rotation Degrees (0,90,180,270)
Display Type (raster, etc)
Emulation Status

// Controls.dat information
number of players
Uses Services

The output file will only have as many fields as you've checked in the checkboxes. Any field that contains no information will be blank between the delimiters.

Files should import nicely into any spreadsheet program.

Fields that contain multiple data sets, such as TRON's controls will have '&' symbols between the data.

Traverse USA / Zippy Race,travrusa,2,joy2way
Triple Punch,triplep,1,joy4way
Tron (set 1),tron,1 & 1,joy8way & dial

The above output contains Name, ROM name, # of buttons, controls. Note also that tron's buttons are "1 & 1" which means that there is an entry from both controls.dat and mame's XML for button information. You may see discrepancies in the data sometimes due to inaccuracies in MAME's data. The 1st value (on the left of the &) is from controls.dat, and is considered to be the most accurate information available.