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Pixelbox - micro arcade cabinet (currently under construction)

Pixelbox is the world's smallest "functional" MAME cabinet, meaning that it has most of the same capabilities as a full-sized arcade cabinet, but in a very tiny size. The Pixelbox stands just over 13" tall and is about 10" wide. The cabinet is powered by a 2GHZ Pentium M processor with 1 gig of RAM. The Pixelbox has a one-player control panel with genuine Sanwa arcade joystick/buttons and a Happ 1.5" trackball. A second player can join in using a gamepad that connects to the rear of the Pixelbox case.

With a tiny footprint, a light-weight case and a built-in carrying handle, Pixelbox is the perfect arcade cabinet for bringing along to a party.

Click here for a picture of the Pixelbox.

Pixelbox home page

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