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Home Page Paradise Arcade Shop is an arcade parts store started in January of 2010 by Bryan and Susan Armitage in Honolulu Hawaii. Bryan is an arcade collector and builder who has over 30 machines. The shop was started to eliminate the variable quality of parts coming in from overseas. The original idea was that if a single established relationship was created, then consistency would follow. Since this early start the shop has grown to include not only generic imported parts, but also Sanwa, Seimitsu, IL, Happ and more. Beyond simply buying and selling, Bryan has used his background in product development to introduce several original products in LED pinball lights, LED joysticks, hollow shafts for joysticks and more. Because of their belief that this should be a fun hobby and taking advantage of their location, the shop advertises "aloha in every box" and includes small treats from the islands with all their shipments.

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Bryan's handle on most forums is armi0024

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