Mole's Custom Arcade Joystick

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  • Project Type: Desktop Arcade Controller
  • Construction Method: Unclassified
  • Monitor Type: Unclassified
  • Interface Type: Game Pad Hack (Gravis Gamepad Pro USB)
  • Special Controls:
  • OS: Windows
  • Homepage:

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Additional Details

I created a joystick using a Universal Joystick and Vertical pushbuttons from Happ controls. The box I used was cut 2 1/2' x 1' x 8". I drilled 1 1/4" holes for the joystick and buttons. I hacked a Gravis Gamepad Pro USB by lightly scratching the platic off the plastic computer board and soldering to it. Then I soldierd the other ends to the buttons and stick. I also used electrical tape to prevent accidental soldiering after I had an accident.


File:Mole's Custom Arcade Joystick.jpg

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