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If you're ever in need of small quantities of special fixings like Metric or American/Imperial sized screw, bolts, cap-screws etc. this is the place.

Initially aimed at model builders, Modelfixings provides a huge range of small fixings that are sometimes used in arcade controls and/or cabinets.

For instance, the Star Wars yoke requires a pretty large variety of UNC sized cap-screws that are very hard to find anywhere outside of the US.

Modelfixings offers these at very reasonable prices and honest shipping costs. Communication is excellent, if you need anything not on their list e-mail them and they will try and add it for you, as I have experienced.

Their site is also a great source for people who are not used to the Imperial system, as there are tables that show sizes in metric for the corresponding imperial (UNC) sized parts. If that still doesn't work for you, or have no clue what size the part you're looking for is, you can send them a sample and they will provide the right part.

Another item of interest for arcade game fans is their full range of e-clips and circlips which are very often used on joysticks.

They also offer the required tools for those fixings and things like washers and wing-nuts, so be sure to check out the entire site if you're looking for something like this.

They ship World-Wide and accept any modern payment method like PayPal and Credit Cards !

    • Note that the prices listed on the site include 15% VAT. If you're outside the EEC, you're lucky as you won't have to pay that 15% and it get's deducted from the total.**