Mamewah Features

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  • Arcade cabinet friendly UI / Hidden Windows
  • Multiple resolutions supported
  • Fully skinnable using included Layout Designer
  • Uo to 10 types of artwork/media, including Video previews
  • Intro/Exit videos support
  • Sound effects support
  • Background music support (mid / midi / rmi / mp3 / wma)
  • catver.ini support
  • nms file support (for displaying real game names from short filenames)
  • various built-in screen-savers
  • support for (serial port interfaced) lcd screens


  • Multi-Emulator compatible incl. command line emulators
  • Launch external PC games/applications


  • Fully customizable controls (keyboard/mouse/joystick)
  • keyboard led control
  • built-in IPAC programming (WinIPAC) support


  • Customizable Game/Favorites Lists
  • multiple lists supported (per emulator)
  • ability to create lists using filters
  • auto-generation of favourites lists (most played / longest played)

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