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MameWah uses a system of INI files to configure the various functionalities of the front-end. There are three types of INI config files:

  • mamewah.ini (used for main/global settings of MameWah itself)
  • emuname.ini (emulator-specific settings)
  • emuname-$.ini (list-specific settings for each emulator; $ is the list number for that emulator).

How to add your own INI file here

If you have your own finished INI file and would like to add it, simply create add a new link here and on the new page, paste your INI file in between the <pre></pre> tags.

If you do not have an INI file, but would like to add one, the Wiki will automatically format it by using the Mamewah 1.61 INI template. Add the following code to your INI page (make sure it's linked here. {{subst:Mamewah161}}, then edit your page again. You will see a perfectly preformatted INI file to add your own info to.

INI files

These INI files are emulator-specific settings.

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