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Sample ML TNG Animated Demonstration

MAMELOAD TNG is a Win32 application (future versions might be available for DOS and/or Linux). Originally created as "MAMELOAD" in 1997 when DOS was the primary MAME build source, the project was recently resurrected after 6 years - now on the Windows platform. It focuses on being a fast starting and simplistic interface allowing great deal of control over command-line triggers (supports back to the first Windows MAME release - 0.37b15).

This front-end also supports many other popular emulators including: MESS, SuperModel, PinMAME, HazeMD, MameComplete/Ultimate MAME, MetalMAME, M1, FBA and many more!

More information regarding MAMELOAD TNG as well as download/support files can be obtained by visiting the homepage at

Current Build: Beta u50 - December 6th, 2011

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