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  • Project Type: Upright Cabinet
  • Construction Method: Scratchbuilt
  • Monitor Type: LCD
  • Interface Type: Unknown at this time
  • Special Controls:
  • OS: Windows
  • Homepage: http://kardall.squarespace.com

Arcade Controls Forums Thread

[1] Arcade Controls Forum Thread

Additional Details

I am just starting this cabinet, but hopefully I can have it done in a few months as the money comes in. Currently, I have been designing the layout schematics in Google SketchUp because it's free, and it seems easy to use so far.

My end goal is to have a place to play fighting games, without feeling like I'm sitting in front of a computer doing so.

Current Status: Design Phase
Completed Tasks: Front End and Mame Integration.

  • Front end right now is MaximusArcade on a trial. I might buy it, but I might just use mamewah. Haven't decided if I want to use nes/snes games on it yet. Maybe later. Important part is getting the cabinet built at this time.

Next Task: The Controls Themselves

  • I am trying to source out some buttons for cheap. There is a company that rents machines, and I'm wondering if they have a supplier they'd be willing to let me buy a few parts from :) I priced out the joysticks, and they are like $100 for one... Gah!

I am currently scouting out ways to ventilate it, though with an LCD it probably won't be that much of a deal. I might just put a 120cm Case Fan at the back top for the heat to blow out, and wire it into the computer's power supply.

I originally had thought, you know, everyone has side paintings and such, graphics and stickers what have you. I want a light box with an interchangeable graphic insert. But then I started to worry about how it would affect the actual stability of the cabinet overall. Decided against it for now.

I have the Mame running perfectly with keybinds running fine on a wireless control pad, in addition to the keyboard, so I don't think there will be any setbacks to when I get a keyboard interface setup and working. I should take a picture of the mock-up cardboard I did for the 2 player showcase. I have since decided against it for now, as it seems like a pretty daunting task right now.


See the Squarespace link for all details

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