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This page is simply a placeholder and the information copied into here is inaccurate thus far. I didn't put a cleanup tag on here because it's just for demonstration purposes thus far.

Jukebox Simulator Screenshot
  • OS: Windows (XP preferred)
  • Cost: Shareware ($20)
  • Skinnable: No
  • Re-mappable keys: Yes
  • Monitor orientation(s): Horizontal
  • Screen resolution(s): 1024 x 768
  • Controller(s): keyboard, mouse, arcade controls
  • Supported media format(s): mp3
  • Format Orientation(s): Album-oriented
  • Additional Requirements: Soundcard.
  • Homepage: www.jbsim.co.uk
  • Additional Details:
For best results, Jukebox Simulator should be run on at least a 350mhz PII or equivalent, 64MB RAM, and a 16-bit XGA display. (1024 x 768). Also, wihtout a soundcard, Jukebox Simulator will not run.

Jukebox Simulator supports accepting coins and random play. Prior to payment, software is limited to 30 minute time limit, 12 Album limit, 5 Track limit, and vend mode can be enabled.

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