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  • Project Type: Unclassified
  • Construction Method: Scratchbuilt
  • Monitor Type: Television
  • Interface Type: Unclassified
  • Special Controls: Spinner, Trackball, Steering Wheel
  • OS: Windows
  • Homepage:

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Additional Details

IRENE is a sit-down, corner unit with extendable control panel like a drawer. After 6 months of conceptualization and physical building, it contains almost everything I wanted including:Two of every control and button including two lighted translucent trackballsLeft-Right buttons for older games like Asteroids and Space Invaders (to the left of the joystick)Ergonomic button layout (extremely comfortable)Thumb buttons (Makes a HUGE difference using sheilds or thrusting)Powerful surround sound stereo with extendable rear speakersHDTVPinball emulation (that's physical emulation too)Glow wire and cold cathode tubes for ambienceReal, functional pinball plungerLocation for Logitech steering wheelStorage for other console systemsCustom box for CPUQ-Bert joystickA "What is that?" reaction from visitorsDesigned to look like furniture but surprises you with pure gaming goodness. More details on my website. Hope you like it! Thanks for your time!Paul



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