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Homepage: http://www.happcontrols.com

Happ Controls sells replacement parts for a wide variety of coin-operated machines, including video games, pinball machines, vending machines, and so on.

Happ does offer parts for the home arcade machine builder, but they are not well-known as a end-user friendly company. Shipping on small orders tends to be higher than at other vendors.

There are a number of resellers of Happ products who provide their gear at cheaper prices Arcadeemulator.net is run by BYOACer DiveMaster. Playdium in Canada also comes to mind.

Review By MYX
Comments For many years Happs has been a staple of the coin op world. They have nearly anything and everything you could ever want that has anything to do with a coin op product. The BYOAC community found, and started ordering from Happs very early in life.

Happs does not really seem to want to deal with the little guy though. There is a $5 addition to most orders. What is the $5 for? For the fabulous pleasure of ordering from them. On top of that, they charge fairly outrageous shipping fees. If a product is not in a warehouse near you, your shipping may double because your order may come from across the country, or worse shipped in seperate packages from multiple locations. You get to pay for every cent of it too. Oh and BTW, they will not tell you how much it will cost to ship, you will find that mystery out on your invoice or credit card statment. So, again, they do have just about anything you want or need, but you will pay for it though.

Rating Safe

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Review By Space Fractal
Comments They have lots of great products and are very respected by the mame community.

Today I found out they have closed in the EU for private users, and they are not happy with small orders. You need to order minimum £100, before they accept it. So because of that, it's only for resellers. Their shop system is also a bit buggy, and is not the easist for shopping, hard to update profile information (because I've changed addresses) and so on.

So if you live in EU, find a reseller or find a another vendor instead (like I did).

Rating Recommeded only through a reseller

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Comments I bought an arcade monitor, a coin door and two perfect 360 joysticks from Happ Controls. I received my items in a reasonable time frame. None of the items were damaged during shipping and all of the items worked well. The price I paid was too high. I would recommend buying Happ products from Divemaster127 or Ponyboy instead of Happ Controls.
Rating Safe

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Review By NoOne=NBA=
Comments Good selection of parts, but some questionable business practices. As mentioned above, watch out for shipping. I had trouble with an arcade monitor from them, and getting it resolved was a bit of a chore. I would second the suggestion to order from Ponyboy or Divemaster if you can get the parts from them.
Rating Safe

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