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Emulaxian/3D Arcade Screenshot

Emulaxian/fe-3darcade is a very complete and fully skinnable frontend that can launch just about anything.

It features powerful and fully customizable search and filter functions to find games fast.

What makes it unique besides the sheer number of media that it supports to make your skins are the menu styles it can use.

Besides the normal listbox with screenshots/cab layout you have a game like menu were you shoot at sprites to select menu items.

There are the two virtual arcade interfaces were you can walk around in rooms filled with 3d models of cabs, select mp3's on a working jukebox and watch some movies on a movie screen. These arcades are also fully customizable...create your own personal arcade!

Download Emulaxian from http://www.i-modernist.com/emulaxian/frontend.html

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