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  • Project Type: Upright Arcade Cabinet
  • Construction Method: Scratchbuilt
  • Monitor Type: Television
  • Interface Type: Keyboard Encoder (IPAC)
  • Special Controls:
  • OS: Windows
  • Homepage:

Additional Details

Features a nice black finish with a great system running multi emulators. System features a duron 800 with 256 mb ram, Geforce 32mb video card, Soundblaster 16, and a nice 20 inch HP monitor. Controls have a simple yet efficient 2 player controls with 6 buttons each and an 8 way joystick each. In addition there are 5 buttons for configuration keys, and 2 side ones for pinball games. The system also features a pullout keyboard and mouse, coin door and custom made Demoncade artwork! (thanks to



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