Custom Hotrod Pc/Psx/Ps2/Dc Arcade Joystick

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  • Project Type: Desktop Arcade Controller
  • Construction Method: Unclassified
  • Monitor Type: Unclassified
  • Interface Type: Game Pad Hack (PSX)
  • Special Controls:
  • OS: Unclassified
  • Homepage:

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Additional Details

This custom hotrod arcade joystick was converted from it's original pc only form to a psx/ps2 controller. The arcade joystick works natively with only the psx/ps2, but special adaptors allow it to be used on both the pc and dreamcast. The stick uses real arcade components made from Happ controls and is built on high quality wood to ensure a long life. The original parts of the stick were gutted so that they could be used on a real arcade cabinet (this was for a mame based project). All parts used on this stick are brand new and have been tested thoroughly for any non-desirable results, as such, the stick performs marvelously without any sort of defect in performance or craftsmanship.


File:Custom Hotrod Pc/Psx/Ps2/Dc Arcade Joystick.jpg

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