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Atomic FE Screenshot

Atomic FE is a Front-End for multiple emulators.

The primary purpose of Atomic FE is to be used with MAME arcade games. However, it is possible to utilize Atomic FE with any other emulator or it can be used to launch any application, as well as function simply as a menu control!

This front end is optimized for MAME and its derivatives (ADVMAME, FASTMAME, etc...).

The main objective of Atomic FE is to function within a real arcade cabinet, and to be driven using joysticks as well as buttons. It is equally at home being controlled by a keyboard or by arcade controls.

Atomic FE (AFE) makes setup much easier due to its use of plug and play modules. Once AFE is installed, you can install a module for MAME, or for Daphne, console emulators, or a whole range of other emulator modules. For basic usability, you can just click the installer and it puts the emulator where it needs to be. All you need to do is add legally obtained ROMs and play. Setup is literally within minutes!

AFE also offers a wide range of layouts. Over 100 layouts are available for free download, with more being added all the time!

If you wish to go beyond the basics (which most of us do) this front end is completely configurable; it supports all resolutions, all graphic cards (including ArcadeVGA), and is capable of functioning with the majority of emulators that accept command lines. It has a very powerful layout editor that supports alpha blending, custom auto transparency through RGB value, video backgrounds, video snapshots, auto animation of objects through scrolling (In any direction) and trajectory mapping.

AFE now has support for Groovy Game Gear's LEDWiz and GPWiz products. This means that there is now a good solution for users of both 49-way joysticks and of the LEDWiz. Even in its infancy the LED controls are rich in ability.

As of version 0.20, AFE includes a brand new configuration tool, AtomicStudio, [[1]] that makes complex configuration much easier to build. In addition, an "Ultimate Distribution" exists which contains AtomicFE 0.20 and more then 115 modules/Emulators pre-configured. [[2]]. New modules are being added regularly.

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