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ArcadeShop is a manufacturer and distributor of arcade game and pinball parts, including complete cabinet kits.

Review By MYX
Comments These guys are great. Everytime I have called and ordered from them the porduct was there the following day. Prices are generally good, but occasionally they can get you, so just pay attention. Bottom line feel safe when ordering from Arcadeshop. For BYOAC consumer reviews, click the link below.
Rating Highly Recommended

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Review By Buddabing
Comments My experiences with ArcadeShop have been highly positive. There are a couple items there that can't be found anywhere else, such as a Galaga Enhancement module that allows high score save and a millions digit in the score on Galaga.

In addition to that, I got a new monitor from them for my Galaga. While installing it, I broke the neck of the monitor ("hiss of death") and Steve sent me a replacement and only charged me his cost. That was nice of him.

Rating Highly Recommended

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Review By CheffoJeffo
Comments Have ordered (and adjusted orders after the fact) in the past and had only good experiences. Steve is a good guy. If you have an issue or question,a phone call is your best choice to reach them.
Rating Highly Recommended

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