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ArcadeFX Screenshot

Here's how the author of ArcadeFX describes his work:

"ArcadeFX is my interpretation of almost everything I want in a MAME front-end that runs under Windows with a PC monitor:
  • I wanted something that looked as good, if not better, than any game.
  • I did not want it to look like a standard Windows application develped with C++ or VB.
  • I wanted it to be very eye pleasing. It must also lock the user out of the window environment as much as possible.
  • I wanted the UI to be skinable so I can change the interface when I got bored with it.
  • I wanted it to be almost entirely controlled with a joystick or trackball and only the ESC and ENTER buttons.

For the most part, these are the requirements when I started this project in July of 2001. Was I asking too much? I did not think so. So with a good friend of mine we began the path of creating our perfect MAME front-end that runs under Windows."

ArcadeFX features include:

  • Key Mapping for all non admin features.
  • Marquee and flyer change as you scroll through games.
  • If no marquee is available then MAME flyer is displayed.
  • If no flyer is available then ArcadeFX flyer is displayed.
  • Display shows n of n game below currently selected game.
  • Letter/Number of current position is displayed above currently selected game.
  • Current configurable options include Rotate Left/Right, Flip x/y, Maximize, Scan Lines,Triple Buffer, Controller: HotRod SE, Mouse, Joystick, and Sound on/off.
  • You can make your own skins for the UI. Template is available on the download site.
  • MAME categories let you sort your ROMs for easy access.
  • Up to 4 custom categories to keep your favorites easily handy.
  • ROM Maintenance feature lets you move/copy/delete ROMs from/to any category.
  • Clicking the ArcadeFX logo in the upper right corner show hidden admin options. These require keyboard access and include: MAME Configuration, ROM Maintenance, Batch ROM Organizer, Skin Selection, Custom Keys, AFX Cinema, Help, Restart, Quit AFX.
  • Support to play Dave Dries QuickTime arcade movies right in the UI. Very cool to watch these. Just like going to the movies.
  • Full screen snap navigation. Twenty at a time for easily find your ROMs by clicking on the snap in the cabinet.


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