1/2 Pinball Control panel for a Mame Cabinet

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  • Project Type: Upright Arcade Cabinet
  • Construction Method: Converted
  • Monitor Type: Unclassified
  • Interface Type: Keyboard Hack
  • Special Controls:
  • OS: Windows
  • Homepage: http://www.mediom.com/~regisma/index.html

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Additional Details

Hi,I have put the following pics of my project (1/2 Pinball control panel) in JPG! at the above URL:Note: I have borrowed a digital camera at work for two days... so much pics to come!Mainly Visual Pinball have the capability to emulate fairly recreated pinballs (I like the ones made in the 50's and the 60's). My Arcade Cabinet is Very Heavy, so I cannot bump my regularArcade Controller and the controller is also very wide, so I was not feeling very confortable to play pinball. A friend have offered to me his old Last Action hero pinball box (he was planning to throw it away). For now, I have hacked a keyboard and connected the side buttons, coins meshes, the tilt pendulum switch and the Start button. I have to figure a way to detect the side/front bumping.Pinball made in the 50's assume that you bump them to place your balls (Bingo one) so the bumping is very important for thoses.My plan is to try the pendulum switch and also a steel ball on a small rail to detect those bumping. Also this 1/2 pinball controller is much lighter than my cabinet, the width and the height is perfect for my taste.I'm planning to keep the side arts.Reg


File:1/2 Pinball Control panel for a Mame Cabinet.jpg

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