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Ultrastyle Screenshot

List of Features:

  • customizable background (in .jpg format)
  • upright or cocktail mode - clockwise and counter-clockwise (Horizontal)
  • custom font under screenshot cube and on marquees for games without .pngs
  • customize font color for game name under cube
  • custom resolutions 640x480,800x600,1024x768
  • GUI based setup
  • 3 wheel sizes, start off with any wheel size you like
  • Mouse/Trackball wheel control
  • customizable sounds
  • see all artwork associated with a game
  • optional filter system using files from the Catlist, up to 136 sub-categories
  • 3D game art viewer has 4 shapes to choose from
  • all controls are bindable
  • startup in one of hundreds of sub-categories, or your favorites, last game played, or the filter wheel itself!
  • 2 sizes for the cube normal and bigger then normal
  • MAME command line option
  • additional sound packs and skins available
  • Hide the clones
  • Non-working ROMs removed, list generated to help you find out what games don't work
  • Background MP3 music (optional) while you browse your games
supported file formats: raw/mod/s3m/xm/it/mid/rmi/wav/mp2/mp3/ogg/wma/asf
  • Add/Remove favorites from within ultrastyle
  • see the attract video on the screenshot cube (optional, video must be in avi format)
  • merged sets supported
  • run an .EXE of your choice (I.E. Daphne games, HOTD, Virtua Cop/Squad)
  • optional clock
  • presets for commercial control panels
  • new marquee style - Plank
  • native NPlayers.ini support
  • optional controller info for each game
  • configurable mouse buttons
  • Setup Wizard
  • remove favorites from within ultrastyle

Ultrastyle's home page is at http://www.mameworld.net/ultrastyle/

Ultrastyle was made an open source project in March of 2006.

 Visit the Front-End index.