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SimpleTouchFE Screenshot

Front end designed to run on a touch screen, but can be used with a mouse as well.

  • Support for animated GIF images as well as BMP, JPG and PNG
  • Support for video previews
  • Can play music in the background while browsing games
  • Supports 10 different configurations and the option to drag and drop games between them
  • Supports skins for each individual config page
  • Supports both delayed shutdown and a pincode protected shutdown
  • Optional shutdown screen with quit, shutdown, reboot, standby and hibernate
  • Take screenshots of games and add automatically to the FE
  • Run a selectable program at shutdown
  • Select between 172 different image transitions when browsing the games
  • Easily skinnable. Available skins

SimpleTouchFE is a great frond end for touch screen systems, although it can be used with a mouse as well. It works very well as a front end for a kiosk system as it completely hides the windows environment and can prevent users from getting to windows with a pin-code system.

Optionally, SimpleTouchFE allows you to close any program it has launched with either a hot-key or a click pattern. i.e. tapping the upper-left corner of the screen 4 times will close the current application. This feature allows you to close applications such as MAME which usually requires keyboard input (ESC) to close.

SimpleTouchFE is still being developed and its developer, Lave Laar, is an active member of the forums and is very responsive to suggestions and comments.

Download SimpleTouchFE from

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