Optical Encoders

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Mouse encoders (or Optical encoders) allow the use of a trackball or spinner and offer the functionality of a mouse hack in an easy-to-use form. They offer several benefits including ease in connecting controls and time savings.



The Opti-PAC allows for easily connecting optical-type arcade control devices including trackballs and spinners to a PC.

Relevant Link: Ultimarc's Opti-PAC Page



High-Performance 3-Axis, 3-button Mouse Emulation.

USB and PS/2 compatible. Available with either connector, but is compatible with both using an adapter.

Connections provided for 3 buttons, 3 axes, +5v and Ground.

With the addition of a resistor and 2 opto-interrupters, can be used as a full optical board for home-made controls with X, Y or Z Axis selectability.

Small Footprint

USB or PS/2 cable included, depending on version ordered.

Compatible with virtually any device utilizing "Active Low" opto-electronics.

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Description needed

Relevant Link: Hagstrom's ME4 Page

Mouse Hack

It's possible to perform a simple hack on a ball-mouse that allows it to connect to a standard arcade trackball (and perhaps spinners?). This is done by removing the mouse's optical receivers and wiring the trackball's encoders to them. Additionally, a mouse can be hacked to create a spinner with a few extra parts.

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