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The Neo-Geo is a cardridge based arcade and home console system released in 1990 by the Japanese company SNK Playmore. The Neo-Geo is know for the excellent 2D graphics capabilities. The Neo-Geo is home to franchises sush as Metal Slug, King of Fighters, Fatal Fury.

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Neo-Geo cabinets

The Neo-Geo cabinet is often known as the MVS (Multi Video System) where the operator can insert multiple game boards in the cabinet. Because the games were often switched most Neo-Geo cabinets have a generic (red) look and no game specific artwork other than replacable marquees.

Home consoles

The Neo-Geo home system is a console style variant of the Neo-Geo arcade system. In 1998 the handheld version Neo-Geo Pocket and Neo-Geo Pocket Color were released. Each home system had their own size game cards.


The Neo-Geo is well supported by emulators. The system requirements for Neo-Geo emulation are quite low by today's standard thus near perfect gameplay is very much possible.


MAME can also play most Neo-Geo games. Some specialist MAME builds are created to support Neo-Geo games only.


Kawaks supports Neo-Geo. The Emulator features net-play to enable multplayer over a network.


Nebula supports Neo-Geo. The emulator hasn't been updated since 2007. Unless you require a specific feature, the use of MAME is recommended instead.

Control panel lay-out

The Neo-Geo uses a maximum of 4 pushbuttons in a single row, with the first button slightly lowered. The buttons are colored red, yellow, green, blue and most games refer to these colors in the instructions. Some community members prefer a 7 button layout (with 4 buttons on the bottom row) to accomodate the 4-buttons-in-a-row Neo-Geo controls while also supporting the more generic 6 button layout. This requires custom button configuration for the Neo-Geo games. Further the Neo-Geo has an 8 way digital joystick, a start button and a coin insert.