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MaLa Screenshot
MaLa Hardware

MaLa is a multi emulator frontend designed for all 32bit Windows operating systems. It supports the Windows command line version of MAME with XML ROM info (> 0.84), PC Games and all command line based emulators.

MaLa features include:

  • Rotatable in any direction (0, 90, 180, 270) on the fly for horizontal and vertical screens
  • Controllable by arcade controllers with configurable controller settings for all front end functions
  • Controller detection: rotate and load gamelist depending on the controls that were touched (cocktail tables)
  • On the fly programming of keyboard encoders
  • Mouse support for trackballs, spinner and dials
  • Virtual shift key, full control with less controls
  • Keyboard hook and hotkeys (no need for wrappers or specialized emulator versions)
  • Hardware Support: MaLa Hardware (LED + LCD), Ultimarc PacDrive (LED), BetaBrite Displays, serial LCD, GGG LEDWiz (LED), Ultimarc UltraStik360, ...
  • LED Attract mode
  • Comprehensive game list filter options and memorized filter sets
  • Plugins - including support for hardware like LedWiz, Serial LCD's & Ultrastick (you can make your own if you can code in C++ or Delphi)
  • No ini file editing

Mala Help

 Visit the Front-End index.