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Welcome to the BYOAC Wiki!

The BYOAC Wiki is one of three main sections of the Build Your Own Arcade Controls website, which primarily (but not exclusively) concerns itself with building or buying authentic arcade controls and connecting them to your computer to play arcade style games with real arcade controls instead of a keyboard or mouse. Read "What's this all about?" to learn how the Wiki section of BYOAC came about and what it's for, or if you're already familiar with Wikis then dive right in - welcome!

A full table of contents is located at the Contents page. You can see a list of every current wiki page on the All Articles page.

General sections of this wiki:

Can I edit or add pages?

You can edit or add pages to this wiki if you are a registered member of the BYOAC Forum. Your wiki login should be the same as your forum login.

You can begin by adding articles, or by correcting any pages that may require attention. Pages with requests for correction can be found in the Cleanup Section or you can join in on discussing pages that are part of the work in work in progress project