J River Media Center

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  • OS: Windows
  • Cost: 49.98
  • Skinnable: Easy - Adjust colors and fonts, Advanced - Adjust graphics
  • Re-mappable keys: Advanced actions functions controllable via infrared remote.
  • Monitor orientation(s): Horizontal, Vertical, Dual
  • Screen resolution(s): 800x480+
  • Controller(s): touchscreen, infared remote, keyboard, mouse
  • Supported media format(s): Supports various music and video formats, plus image formats.
  • Format Orientation(s): Customizable views can sort music by anything. Standard views include: Artist, Title, Genre, Decade, Album, Playlists, etc.
  • Additional Requirements:
  • Homepage: J River Media Center
  • Additional Details:

A very full featured Music Library/home theater/jukebox application.

J River's Unique Features...

  • Extremely customizable playlist generation
  • Supports Music in all major formats
  • Supports Video files in all major formats
  • Supports all major image formats (for slideshows)
  • Uses album art in tags, folder.jpg format, or other custom formats
  • Organize, categorize, and display your media in various ways
  • Custom view definitions can display your media in any way you want
  • Advanced tagging support
  • Supports M3U Playlists
  • Customizable skins, fonts, and colors
  • Web remote for controlling system via any standard browser
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