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Wiki Editing Basics

The following are a few basic wiki editing techniques that you may find useful.

  1. To edit any WIKI page, login/register and click "edit" at the top of a page.
  2. While editing a page, use == Insert Text == to add a new page topic and page navigation item.
  3. Use === Insert Text === to to make a subtopic on a page. Continue inserting = marks to make subsections of the subsections.
  4. To create a new page, or link to another wiki page use [[Insert Page Name Here]]
  5. To add a thumbnail image to a page with a caption and a link to a larger image, use [[Image:Pic_an_image_name.jpg|thumb|caption_text|80px|right|]] Once you've done that, go back to the page you edited, click on the name of the image, which will take you to an upload page. Upload the image, and you're done. Following similar steps, adding [[Image:Pic_an_image_name.jpg|left|70px|]] will simply add a small picture without a large size image, or caption.
  6. To add another column to your page add the pipe character |
  7. If you like what someone else did, just click the "edit" button and take a look at their formatting, that's one of the simplest ways to figure things out.
  8. Use the <br> tag to add a line break if you need it. The XML friendly <br /> is not necessary as the WIKI system produces this code.

If you would like someone to help you clean up your page, add images, content or fomatting, add the {{Cleanup}} tag to the page. It will be automatically labeled as requiring cleanup, and will be added to the cleanup notice page.

Wiki Formatting Links

To be expanded. Until then:

Metawiki help page for editors

Metawiki help page for readers

Disclaimer templates

The BYOAC wiki has a few disclaimer templates available. Take a look here to read which ones and how to use them.

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