Exibar's Lair

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Additional Details

Exibar's Lair is a project that started almost 4 years ago when I built a desktop controller. I finally started to really build the cabinet a couple months ago while on vacation. It's built on a 4 way Neo-Geo MVS cab, using Ultimarc's I-Pac, Optipac and Arcade VGA. WG 25K7191 monitor, PIII 800Mhz 512Ram, 80 gig Maxtor HD. Running Mame, Daphne, z26, NES, Neo-Geo (had to put Neo-Geo in there!), I've ripped a few DVD's TRON of course to the HD in DiVX format to watch them, etc. I'm also using MameWAH front end with all HAPP controls except for an original Tempest spinner. My Marquee is done in ZORK adventure game fashion, drawn in photoshop CS.


Exibar's Lair.jpg

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