Build an OND designed cab Metropolis

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This is an example project to illustrate how to build your own arcade cabinet. Forum user Ond has created a topic on the forum with a step-by-step guide. This wiki page compiles all steps into a single page. The project is ongoing, for updates please check the forum for the latest update. We will try to keep the wiki page as up to date as possible.


The goal of this project is to build a cabinet that looks like these digital concept renders:

Ond metropolis cab.jpg

Step 1: Design

Link to the forum message The design is sketched out first (the concept above renders are based on the digital plans). To design your own cabinet you can sketch and measure it using pen and paper or technical design software.


The plans for this build are available on the forum here: Imperial measurements or Metric measurements.

Step 2: Cutting the sheets of wood

Link to the forum message


Ond tools.jpg