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'''BYOAC''' is short for '''B'''uild '''Y'''our '''O'''wn '''A'''rcade '''Controls'''. This is an online community for people with fond memories of coin operated arcade(game) machines. Many of the community members build their own arcade cabinets or have restored old arcade cabinets to their former glory.
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=The Forum=
The [http://forum.arcadecontrols.com forum] is the main community hub. You will find many shared experiences, ideas, showcases, artwork and arcade game related topics. Feel free to ask questions or post your project (many members are fond of construction/work-in-progres pictures!) Before you ask a question, please use the forum's search function or take a look at the [[FAQ]].
=The Wiki=
You are here. This wiki is intended to collect and share the gained knowledge about building and restoring arcade cabinets. The [[Main Page]] has links to the most common area's of interest. Be sure to take a look at the [[FAQ]] or the [[Build_an_OND_designed_cab_Metropolis|building example]] to gain more insight in the hobby.
=The BYOAC website=
The BYOAC website was founded by [[User:Saint|Saint]] in 2000. The website is no longer updated,- the forum has become the focal point of community news, projects and activity.

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