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ArcadeVGA videocard

ArcadeVGA is a video card, that allows people to use a old arcade monitor, typically used a 15khz signal.

Most modern PC's monitors consider 31Khz or higher signal, wich given problems with using in a real arcade monitor. Modern video cards typically disable 15khz to prevent users from being used by the driver. This may get this pretty hard to get this to work on a Arcade monitor (even with Adcanced MAME).

With using this videocard it a lots easier to get a standard MAME and most other emulators to run on a arcade monitor.

While ArcadeVGA support about 20 lowbased resoulutions, some may not work on a arcade monitor. You can prevent MAME to using these resoulutions by disabling them with a tool (M.A.M.E. Resolution Tool).

By using Windows XP, you may want to see the desktop using a lower resoulution than 800x600. By doiung that, you can use Quickres Utility. This utility can select any resoulution, the videocard have.

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